That’s Not How Men Work Review: Wing Girl Marni Kinrys Bares All To Help Women

Ooooo…a perfectly seductive title.  That’s a great way to start this review. 🙂

Over the past few days, there’s been a lot of internet “chatter” taking place about a brand new program from relationship expert Marni Kinrys called That’s Not How Men Work.

Many of you have asked me what I know about it, so today I thought I’d give you a quick glimpse inside the program and share my thoughts.

If you want to get a copy for yourself, you can do so here.

What Is That’s Not How Men Work And Who Is This Marni Girl Anyway?

That’s Not How Men Work is a 181 page downloadable ebook delivered in PDF format via a private member’s area.  The product is 100% digital so you can access it immediately after purchase and there’s no waiting around for anything to be shipped to you.

That’s a big plus in my mind.  But I’ll admit, I’m not really the patient type when it comes to learning new tips and techniques for attracting delicious men. 🙂

And what exactly is That’s Not How Men Work all about?  Well, like it says on the cover of the ebook, the program is “the simple guide to meeting men, dating men, and making every man in the room want you”.

“This book isn’t your typical relationship book.  It’s not about what you’re doing wrong.  It’s not about discovering the signs that he ‘may be cheating on you’.  It’s not meant to lift you up and candy coat how you’re coming across to men.

It’s meant to give you the truth about men and how they work.  And it’s definitely meant to help you understand that how you think they work, isn’t how men work.

This book is all about men, and by the time you finish reading it, you won’t just know what makes them feel instantly attracted to you, and what motivates them to commit, but you’ll understand it.

The light will come on.  You’ll get it.  You’ll understand what ‘attraction triggers’ men have, where it comes from and why, so that if you’re single and ready to mingle with Mr. Right, you can instantly up your success rate at attracting men around every corner!” – Marni Kinrys, author of That’s Not How Men Work

Basically the book is about understanding men in a unique way that is foreign to most women so you can create the type of deep emotional connection that will not only get a guy hooked on you, but also keep him interested for as long as you want him to be.

The general premise of That’s Not How Men Work obviously isn’t new, as there are quite a few relationship products out there that cover the topic of understanding men.  For example, some of the more notable ones you may have heard of before include The Secret Survey by Michael Fiore and What Men Secretly Want by James Bauer.

However, Marni’s new program is one of the most unique I’ve come across in quite some time.  I found that to be extremely refreshing because some of this relationship advice stuff starts to get real stale, real quick when you get the same advice over and over again from different authors. I’m sure you agree!

Marni Kinrys, author of That's Not How Men Work

Marni Kinrys, author of That’s Not How Men Work

I think the reason That’s Not How Men Work has such a unique flair is due to Marni herself.  Let me just say, Marni Kinrys is one super popular girl.  Yet, a lot of women have probably never even heard of her.

It’s pretty clear why guys love her.  Just look at her, she’s gorgeous!

But beyond her stunning looks, she’s also extremely intelligent and extremely good at helping guys connect with amazing women.  Ok, maybe she uses the word “literally” a few too many times in her That’s Not How Men Work video explanation, but I can forgive her for that. 🙂

Marni was voted the world’s #1 Wing Girl, which basically means she’s the best of the best when it comes to helping men meet, attract, and connect with awesome women.

And the reason a lot of women may not have heard of her, is because up until the release of That’s Not How Men Work, she’s spent all of her time perfecting her Wing Girl Method and having guys pay her boat loads of money to help them get the girl they really want.

In other words, she’s focused all of her attention on helping MEN!

And because of all those interactions with the thousands of men she’s helped, she’s privy to a lot of insider information about how men think, what they REALLY want, and all that good stuff that most women never have access to…(because it’s not just stuff guys come out and tell you on a daily basis).

But not to worry, because now she’s let the cat out of the bag inside her That’s Not How Men Work ebook.

Throughout the rest of this That’s Not How Men Work review, I’m going to cover the inner workings of the book in significant detail.  I know not everyone will want to read all of this, so no hard feelings if you just want to skip straight to Marni’s video.

Like I said previously, That’s Not How Men Work is a 181 page PDF ebook, and it’s broken down into 4 main chapters with a bunch of different sub-sections within each of those chapters.

If 181 pages sounds kind of daunting to you, don’t worry.  Remember, it’s an ebook.  So that means larger font and more spacing.  It’s not like reading 200 pages of tiny text in a print book, so it won’t take you hours and hours to get through.

Obviously Marni has put a lot of hard work into this program and there are such things as copyright laws, so I can’t reveal everything that’s in the book, but I want to give you a quick synopsis of the 4 main chapters so you can get a good feel for whether or not Marni can help you.

If interested, you can view the full Table Of Contents from That’s Not How Men Work here.

That’s Not How Men Work Chapter One: Turn Yourself On In Order To Turn Him On

Chapter one of That’s Not How Men Work is all about YOU.

Its’ all about discovering who you are as a woman, what turns you on, what turns you off, what makes you truly happy, what your boundaries are, what you really want in a partner, etc.

In this chapter, Marni talks about her experiences dating all the wrong men, and there’s a quote that stood out to me.  In trying to figure out why she kept dating the same kind of “wrong men” over and over again, Marni had a revelation.  She says,

“It hit me—I was dating the WRONG men because I was not yet the RIGHT woman.  I had no clue who I was, what I wanted or what my boundaries were.  I didn’t know my values or what I was really looking for in a partner.  Instead I was looking to these men to tell me or at least show me the way. “

I think that quote does a good job of summarizing what the first chapter is all about, and it’s something I think every single woman who has ever had a bad relationship can relate to.

If you’re not the right woman, you can’t meet and attract the right guy.  It’s as simple as that.

Marni says,

“You don’t need the perfect Victoria Secret body type to attract Mr. Wonderful.  You don’t need to be perfect in your mannerisms or the moves you make in the bedroom.  You don’t need to make more money, or become a Rachel Ray-like cook in order to become worthy of that perfect guy.

Perfection in relationships—as in life—is about the imperfectly, perfect fit.  It’s about loving who you are (even when you burn dinner that you worked so hard to prepare), or how you look (even when you’re bloated and haven’t yet had your first cup of coffee).”

And in Chapter one, Marni gives you a ton of useful insights and several exercises to help you figure out who YOU really is.  These include things like:

• The Brain Dump
• The 6 Task Questionnaire
• Awesome You, Awesome Him Lists
• Value Discovery

Some of this stuff can seem pretty trivial at times and I can already hear some of you groaning, but I’m a firm believer that if you actually take the time to do what Marni asks, you’ll open a ton of new possibilities in your dating life.

Crazy stuff! Awesome stuff!

That’s Not How Men Work Chapter Two: The Evolution Of Attraction

Early on in Chapter Two of That’s Not How Men Work, Marni says…

“To give you a quick snapshot of what this chapter is all about, it can be best summed up by a popular cartoon, and how when you hold onto unrealistic expectations about men, you may be waiting a long time!

It’s the classic ‘understanding men’ cartoon and while the illustrations vary from artist to artist, the snapshot always says something like, “Waiting for the perfect man to show up…” and the picture is always of a woman sitting on a park bench…who has now turned into a skeleton. It’s a classic depiction of what women ‘expect’, good for a laugh, and pretty freakin’ accurate!

That ‘perfect man’ may be a figment of your imagination, but a man who is a perfect fit for you is not. He’s out there—a guy who ‘gets’ you in a way no one else can, who is inspired by you, whose libido starts thumpin’ and pumpin’ each time he thinks of you and who can’t stop fantasizing about you—so stop passing him by!”

This chapter is all about getting rid of your pre-conceived notions about men and the unrealistic expectations you put on your relationships.  It’s also the point where Marni gives you a PhD in men, and will be an extremely eye-opening chapter for any woman who feels like men just don’t make sense.

And you’re absolutely right.  Men make ZERO sense when you think about them like a woman.  I think this is one of the biggest challenges women today face in their relationships with men.

Marni describes it well when she says…

“Men work wonderfully as men but they work horribly as women, mind readers or knowing how exactly to fulfill ‘your knight in shining armor’ fantasy.  Do you want him to listen to you as intensely as your best friend does?  That’s not how men work.”

I also have to admit I found some of the evolutionary stuff in this chapter about why guys get turned on by the things they do and what Marni calls the “Caveman Effect”, truly fascinating.

What a fun read!

That’s Not How Men Work Chapter Three: Nailing The Approach

In this chapter, more truth from Marni…

“The thing about men that most women fail to understand is that while we think, “Oh, if I’m pretty enough, or thin enough or sexy enough, he’ll approach me,” but that’s not always true.  He’ll approach you when he feels like there’s little risk for him to get rejected.

I wish that’s how men worked because it’s how we think they work—or how we think they SHOULD work.

Oh he’s a man, he should approach and if he wants me he will.  He should ‘man up’ and ask me out.  But…WRONG.”

I think there’s a ton of really bad dating advice floating around out there that basically says if you’re pretty enough and smile enough, then guys will approach you. That’s simply not true.  I know it.  You know it.  We all know it.

Chapter Three of That’s Not How Men Work has to be one of the best, if not THE best, section of any book on the topic of “approaching” for women.  More specifically, how to make yourself more approachable to men and also the right way to approach a man if you want to make the first move.

That’s right ladies, it’s the 21st century and it’s perfectly acceptable for YOU to make the first move.  If the guy you really want is taking his sweet time and not catching on to your flirting signals, then make a move and go for it!

Just know there’s a right way and a wrong way to approach a guy.  The right approach is a “feminine” approach that still allows him to feel like a man.  The wrong approach can turn him off by making him feel awkward, submissive, or worse.

In this chapter of That’s Not How Men Work, Marni covers everything in detail so you’ll know exactly what to do and what not to do to get the guy you want.

Even the most macho of macho men fear being rejected by a woman they are attracted to.  And when you don’t understand men, all the signals you think you are giving him about your interest can go completely unnoticed or even make him think you AREN’T interested.  What a waste!

This chapter fixes that!

That’s Not How Men Work Chapter Four: Putting Practice Into Perfection

Chapter Four comes down to putting it all together.  In this chapter, Marni walks you through some common dating scenarios or situations where you might find yourself being approached by a guy.

She provides examples of how a woman who doesn’t understand men might typically respond and what you should do differently.  It’s a “Don’t do that. Do this instead,” sort of thing which really helps you grasp all the concepts you learn inside the previous chapters of Marni’s That’s Not How Men Work book.

Bonus Programs From Marni

When you pick up a copy of Marni Kinrys’ That’s Not How Men Work program through this link, it also comes with several different bonus programs.

These include:

1.) Unlock His Secrets which teaches you how to break through even the most disinterested man’s emotional barriers.

2.) Confessions From A Wing Girl: Top Male Attraction Secrets With Bernardo Mendez which teaches you how to create deep, devotional love with a man.

3.) Intoxicate Him With Desire which teaches you how to get a man solely focused on you and only you.

When I get a chance, I’ll try to drop back in and provide some more info on the bonus programs, but for now I’ve got to cut this short and get going.

Hopefully, this That’s Not How Men Work review has given you a better understanding of Marni’s program.

I really do believe if you aren’t currently 100% happy in your relationships with men, then Marni’s book can help you.

Empowering.  Fun.  Extremely insightful!  I really enjoyed it!

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